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Power tools

Power Up Your Work Day

Here are some amazing tools that can save you tons of time and money. They can help power up your scheduling, automate marketing or just help you get things done. Some of these resources are even free to get started.

One of the essentials of operating a lean business is to add firepower without increasing overhead. The right tool at the right time can help you gain traction without breaking the bank.


Take Your Practice To The Next Level

After interacting with hundreds of therapists online and face to face, I’ve chosen several practice resources to help you start, grow and scale your business. Most of us want to reach more people and have greater impact.

There are a ton of products, courses and resources available so I’ve developed products to help entrepreneurs launch and grow a practice the right way from the ground up.


Books That Changed My Life

Michael Hyatt says “ Leaders are readers and readers are leaders”.

There is nothing like a good book from a thought leader to revitalize your career or take your business into a new direction. I’ve been reading business and self-development books my whole career. I believe in the power of a great book.

Here are the books that have influenced me the most. The list is updated frequently based upon what I’m currently reading, so check back often.

Free stuff

That’s right… FREE!

I’ve collected some how-to-guides, pdfs, ebooks etc. that you can get for free. Some of them I made, others I didn’t. Download them, put them to use, have fun and please share.