On Fire–Ignite Your Passion With A Cash Therapy Practice


On Fire Book

Therapists are saying good-bye to factory therapy to start up their own cash therapy practices. This book explains the why & how so you can too.


How You’ll Benefit:

  • Kiss factory therapy goodbye and start your own cash therapy practice today.
  • Embrace an entrepreneur mindset to achieve professional and personal freedom.
  • Cash Therapy Practices have emerged as a viable alternative to factory-like therapy.
  • Successfully launch your practice with a four-part business roadmap. 



About the Book

ON FIRE: Ignite Your Passion with a Cash Therapy Practice is
for those of you who want to kiss corporate therapy goodbye and create your dream practice,

A growing number of therapists have ignited their passion for quality care and professional freedom.

I urge you to join these smart, motivated therapists who are creating new ways to deliver quality, client-focused care.

In the new healthcare economy, every therapist needs to be an entrepreneur. Embracing an entrepreneurial mindset provides the best chance of achieving professional freedom while doing the work you love.

The Internet has created opportunities for thousands of small independent businesses to operate outside the domination of gigantic healthcare corporations.

The playing field has shifted in favor of small, agile therapy practices that are in direct contact with the end-users of healthcare.

A growing number of therapists are capitalizing on the new mantra that “small is better.” They have abandoned hierarchical corporate therapy to create indie therapy practices.

If you yearn to rekindle the fire for your therapy career and learn about the new business of therapy buy this book. 


About the Author

Paul Potter is a physical therapist and mentor who lives in Lincoln, NE with his wife, who is also a therapist. They have four daughters.

For more than 35 years he successfully managed his own private practice. He has authored the Cash Therapy Practice: Professional Freedom in the New Healthcare Economy.

His website PaulPotterpt.com and his podcast Functional Freedom are dedicated to helping therapists build their dream practices.