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Spiritual Companionship

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“Paul Potter has been my mentor for my business as well as my personal life, guiding me to find the right balance between family and work”

– Jake DeNell PT

Business Mentoring


Let’s face it, creating a successful business is not easy. Especially one that allows you to do the work you love and feeds your soul. 

You want to start your own business but never seem to have the courage to pull the trigger. As you try to narrow down your options, you may experience analysis paralysis or simply be overwhelmed. 

You might find yourself overthinking decisions only to miss opportunities right underneath your nose.

For others, your practice is growing but you’re uncertain on what to do next. Most likely, you’re not in it for the money but being paid for what you’re worth is awfully nice.

You’re not afraid of hard work but you think to yourself, it sure would be nice to talk to someone who’s done this before.

So if you want to grow your practice the right way and not sound like a pushy salesperson whom do you turn to?

Business mentoring may be just what you need to break free from the daily grind.  

As a business mentor, I’ll come alongside you for a period of time, brief or extended, to help you get to where you are going. I will provide you the necessary knowledge, skills, and strategies to experience more fulfillment and meaning in your work. 

Empowerment is the ultimate goal of business mentoring. I will help you find and release the potential within you. 



  • Balance in your work, personal and community life


  • A clear game plan to achieve your goals


  • Seeing measurable progress in work and relationships


  • An empathic listener who provides encouragement during the tough times


  • Accountability with a trusted mentor




In this relationship, your greatest investment will be in yourself. Your progress will accelerate through working with a mentor who is committed to your success.

You may begin at any time. My business mentoring program requires a minimum of a three-month commitment. The business mentoring program will begin on the date you select and will end whenever you want.

I intentionally limit my one-on-one mentoring to 6 spots each year, so I can ensure a thorough and personalized mentorship. 

I do offer a Pick My Brain Coaching option if you have a specific question or if you want the perspective from an experienced clinician and business owner. Pick My Brain Coaching is designed to help you get a quick solution to a problem you’re facing.

The best way to learn which affordable option will work for you is to schedule a free strategy call. No sales pitch or pressure just a friendly conversation with an expert who cares.

I offer business mentoring at $95 and $225 a session. Click the button to schedule a free call with me to talk about an affordable option that works best for you. 


Spiritual Companionship


“Are you tired? Worn out? Burned out on religion? Come to me. Get away with me and you’ll recover your life. I’ll show you how to take a real rest. Walk with me and work with me–watch how I do it. Learn the unforced rhythms of grace.” –Eugene Peterson, The Message Matthew 11: 28,29


Chances are that every healthcare professional will suffer burnout at some point in their career. 

Our work is intense and the emotional bonds that we form with our patients put us at risk for emotional and physical problems. We must attend to our own emotional, physical and spiritual needs just like everyone else.

Health professionals that constantly put the needs of their patients above their own will eventually suffer the consequences.

Reaching out to a friend, colleague or spiritual companion can help you live a more balanced life and stay in the game. A spiritual companion is someone who listens and prays with you about your life.


Work with Someone Who Cares 


Receiving spiritual guidance from someone with healthcare experience can be a tremendous support.   It can help you clarify your purpose and come to terms with your vocational calling and the realities of your work. 

Companionship is coming alongside someone on a spiritual journey and helping them grow closer to God. As a spiritual companion, I help people to pay attention to God and discern where God is working in their lives. 

Spiritual companionship is not life coaching or traditional counseling. It is one Christian helping another better listen to the Spirit through dialogue, discernment, and prayer. 

Are you seeking integration of your spiritual life with your work? Are you stuck and desire to deepen your spiritual journey? This may be a good time for you to explore Spiritual Companionship.

I offer spiritual companionship for a donation of $45 to $95 a session. Click the button to schedule a free call with me to talk about an affordable option that best meets your needs. 



  • Listening– Attentive and compassionate  


  • Relationship– Regular opportunities to learn and pray together


  • Prayerful guidance– to discern God’s presence and leading 


  • Contemplative practices– to see more clearly God’s movement in your life


  • Inner transformation– where you become in touch with your spirit, unique identity and calling