Biz Quiz: Interpreting Your Results

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Figuring out exactly how to start a business can be difficult, right?

Building a business can be overwhelming when you’re not sure what is the right next step. I get it, you don’t want more ideas—you want practical guidance.

I created the Biz Quiz to provide an overview of the essential steps to a successful startup. Business begins when you see your first paying client. Then you rinse, repeat, learn, change and grow. In working with my coaching clients, I’ve found these seven factors to be vital to get a business off the ground.


Seven Success Predictors


  1. I have a clear vision for my business.
  2. I have validated my business brand through conversations with ideal clients.
  3. I have a network of relationships who will support me and my business.
  4. I have the business accounts and insurance to legally operate a business.
  5. I have the essential systems in place to manage a business.
  6. I have the operations in place to run a profitable business.
  7. I have the operations in place to attract new clients and re-engage previous clients.

Interpreting Your Score

READY TO GO –           150 TO 210
ALMOST THERE-         100 TO 149
MORE WORK TO DO-      50 TO 99
BETTER WAIT-              21 TO 49


Which predictor had the lowest score? ________________________________________

This is the business phase you should focus on first. In the case of a tie, start with the phase that is closest to phase one.

For example,

  • If Phase 3 and Phase 4 are tied for the highest score, start with Phase 3.
  • If Phase 5 and Phase 7 are tied for the highest score, start with Phase 5

It’s common to have similar challenges in several phases. Don’t work on more than one phase at a time. It’s easy to spread yourself thin and slow your progress. Focus taking action on the building blocks inside that phase before moving on to the next phase.

Once you begin to see progress, move on to the next lowest-scoring phase. Again, in the case of a tie, pick the stage that had the lowest score and closest to phase one.


A higher total score indicates you’re more likely to successfully launch your business. You’ll find tools and resources on my website and in the Cash Practice from Scratch course to show you how.

If you would like to talk about your results you can email me at or click on the button to set up a time to chat.