Your Best Practice Growth Strategy for 2021


Whether you’ve been in practice for ten years or just starting, the strongest predictor of your practice growth is–

Key referral partners sending people your way month after month.

Trust is the main reason a referral source will put their reputation on the line by sending someone your way.

The transfer of trust from them to you is why a potential client will take action to connect with you.

Your best strategy for a steady stream of high-quality referrals is to consistently build trust with key referral partners.

The Pareto 80-20 rule implies that 80 percent of your referrals will come from 20 percent of your referral list.

Knowing which relationships are your 20 percent will guide prioritizing relationships, communication, and the efficient use of resources.

A business partnership is when you provide something valuable to them, and they send people to you in return.

It’s as simple as that.

No need for expensive Facebook or Google ads.

No slick promotional strategies.

Just solid business relationships of trust that are mutually beneficial.

What should be your growth strategy during a pandemic for 2021?

Identify and cultivate long-term relationships with people who trust you and are most likely to refer others to you.

I’m seeking to develop a few mentoring relationships with therapists who want to grow their practice in 2021. Are you interested? Email me at and we’ll chat about it.