Free Resources for COVID-19


I hope you are well and holding up during this time of uncertainty.

Many of us are adjusting to drastically reduced caseloads, paychecks, AND having our kids at home too. It’s definitely a balancing act!

I’m encouraged by the sense of community that I’m feeling. People are coming together and sacrificing for others in the midst of this crisis.

I know of practices that are checking on elderly patients, offering their cell phone numbers, reducing fees or even offering free care to help those in need. The list goes on and on.

Some of you may be considering a side gig to help with the cash flow. I’d like to help you get the flow started.

One way I’d like to help you is by providing a few resources to help you get your cash practice off the ground. Most of them are free or at a drastically reduced price.

Resources to launch your cash practice from scratch

Do practice self-care during these challenging times.
We’ll make it through this and reflect on this time when we have learned so much about ourselves and life!

Here to help,