Let me share a quick story before I share mine. And it’s not what comes first to mind.

A friend of mine Greg is a car salesman. He’s been selling cars for over 25 years. In car business years, that’s like he’s been selling for 250 years. Selling cars every day to make quotas, ages you real quick. It’s not for the faint of heart.

This week he shared that one of his longtime customers died and he went to the funeral. He sold her the first car two decades ago and hit it off with her family. Every five years or so they would travel from 40 miles to come by a car from Greg. When the two sons were old enough to drive, who do you think sold them used vehicles to bang around?


The family became lifelong customers and friends who trusted Greg to take care of them when they needed transportation. There were several car dealerships in their hometown that they could have boughten a car. They are a good stable family who wanted to do business with someone local who they liked and would treat them fairly.

Someone they trusted.

Coincidentally, I had her as one of my patients ten years ago. Well, four years ago she developed ALS.

During her illness Greg kept in touch, sending birthday cards and offered up prayers on her behalf.

Last week she died at 47 years of age. Guess who they invited to the funeral? Me or Greg?

Greg, the car salesman.

When Greg is assigned new car salespeople to train, He tells them,” You’re not in the car business. You’re in the people business. You get that right, and you’ll have all the money you’ll ever need.”

What kind of business are you in?

That brings us to the one success metric to keep in mind as you go about your business.


How many invitations to patients’ weddings, graduations or funerals have you received this year?