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What would you do if you lost your top referral source for the 3RD TIME because of a POPTS practice?

In 2010, Chad Madden PT experienced two therapists leave his private practice to open up their own practice. He had just lost $98,000 in one quarter in his business. He was, in his own words, feeling sorry for himself and playing the victim.

Instead of looking for solutions he was wallowing in his problems.

Then things changed for the better.

Chad went from being a PT victim to a PT all star by following some very simple steps that he is going to share with us today. 

Chad Madden is the owner of Madden Physical Therapy, a thriving private practice in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania despite being out of network and fierce competition from physician-owned physical therapy clinics. Chad and his staff have grown his practice by 600% in the past five years. He sees more than 184 new patients each month at one location.

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Chad is teaching other therapists to accelerate their practice growth through online courses at There he teaches his direct access marketing systems to reduce dependency on physician referrals.

In today’s interview, Chad will share insights from his new book Killer Marketing Secrets for Private Practice PTs on how therapists can thrive in the new healthcare economy by attracting a steady stream of new patients.


Chad is giving away free copies of his book to the first 500 people who request a copy. To get your free copy go to

Killer Marketing Secrets for Private Practice PTs. You be able to get your copy for only the shipping costs for a limited time.

 In this episode we cover:

  • How Chad went from PT victim to PT all star after he lost his top referral source for the 3rd time
  • Chad’s big pillars of private practice success: marketing, personnel and financial know-how
  • Killer marketing secrets from Chad’s new book
  • How to host killer workshops to attract direct access, out of network and cash-pay patients
  • Direct marketing system to accelerate your practice growth


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