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Christine Walker DPT

Does this sound like you?

Your interest in physical therapy started when you were young after you were injured as an athlete. You are working hard in your job but feel like your patients aren’t getting the care they deserve.

You have this nagging feeling deep in your gut that something is wrong with today’s healthcare system. There is too much emphasis on productivity and not really enough attention paid to people getting better.

You like the people you work with but you’ve always had this desire to be your own boss in the back of your mind. You’re wondering if there is a way to work full time or part time at your day job while doing your own thing on the side.

If this sounds a little bit like you, then you’re not alone.  Today’s guest, Christine Walker might share part of your story. Just three years after graduating from PT school Christine started her own cash therapy practice.

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10 Tips to be a yoga therapist

She specializes in pediatrics, especially young athletes and also active adults who are pursuing a healthy lifestyle. Christine’s certification in integrative yoga therapy has enabled her to develop a unique niche incorporating a whole body approach to movement problems.

She continues to work part-time at a hospital in Charlotte, North Carolina while working out of the Perfect Balance gymnastics training center.

Join us in our conversation as we talk about:

  • Christine’s leap into cash therapy practice
  • How to research going into cash therapy practice
  • The importance of positioning in a competitive market
  • Practical tips on determining your fees
  • The importance of  Medical Yoga Certification
  • How Christine juggles being a mom, working part-time and managing her business
  • The pitfalls of branding your business as a ‘Yoga practice’ 
  • The nuts and bolts of operating a gym based practice


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10 Tips to be a yoga therapist

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We recently finished the first  Cash Practice Roadmap Pilot Course. It was a huge success largely due to a great group of therapists in the first course. They are all at various stages of starting their own practice. I had therapists from all the way from California to New Mexico to New Jersey. We had a great experience together and I can’t thank them enough for the feedback and hard work they put into the pilot course.  I’ll be launching the full course this summer to help other therapists launch their very own cash practice.

If you’re interested in the next class please email me at heypaul@paulpotterpt.com and type Cash Practice Roadmap in the subject line. I’ll arrange a phone call so I can answer your questions about the next course.


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