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Do you ever hear yourself saying, ” I wish I was taught this stuff in PT school”?

Many therapists find themselves at a loss when the conversation shifts to the business and marketing aspects of a therapy practice. The academic requirements to prepare therapy students for a entry level competence leaves little room for the economic side of healthcare.

Healthcare reform has increased scrutiny of the cost of care and value delivered. Therapists are being held accountable for their productivity and marketing their own practices.

Unfortunately, marketing remains a mystery to many therapists and something to avoid.

My guest today, Brian Gallagher will take some of the mystery out of marketing for you. Brian’s brings a wealth of experience with over 18 years of  proven success in private practice and providing coaching/consulting services in over 300 offices.

Brian will help you take a fresh look at your prospective clients and your clinic in order to truly understand the steps necessary to be successful. Regardless if you are in private practice or work in a hospital setting, Brian will help you discover what your referral sources want from you and how to develop rapport with them. He discusses what key metrics to track both for new startups and existing clinics.

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Brian Gallagher has been a physical therapist for more than 23 years, being in private practice the majority of his career. In 2011 Advance Magazine awarded his private practice their Best Practice of the Year. About 10 years ago Brian began his practice coaching/facilitator business. His consulting company, MEG Business Management focuses on coming along side practice owners to help them evaluate their operational processes, analyze their market and then provide a individualized action plan to put his recommendations into practice.

Not all therapists have the knowledge to develop  mutually beneficial relationships with key partners in the community. Fortunately today, Brian is willing to share his business and marketing expertise to help you improve your relationships with your referral partners.

In this episode we cover:

–Brian’s back story of how he became a national business consultant. 
–Is marketing only for private practice therapists?
–What is the first step therapists should take to market their practice?
–Brian’s definition of a “PR personality”.
–How therapists establish the right relationships with referral sources.
–The most important metrics to track marketing results.
–Services and products that Meg Business Management offers business owners.


  • Brian’s LinkedIn Page
  • MEG Business Management Website Smart Solutions for Physical Therapy Professionals
  • Click Here to Download Your Success Metrics
    Success Metrics 4by6





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