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Seth Godin, author and social media thought leader, says

“There’s no such thing as a niche that’s too small if people care enough. “

In today’s competitive healthcare marketplace it’s of vital importance that therapists don’t blend in but stand out. A clear professional brand is an important part of your success.

Your professional brand is far more than your logo, business cards or what your website looks like. It’s you–your assets, experience and personal interests.

It’s what makes you unique. It’s what you stand for and what makes you different from the rest.

Blending in and marketing yourself like other therapists can be alluring. Focusing on your specializations and the letters behind your name gives the illusion that it’s the professional way to go. But it won’t really be you and you won’t be able to fill your schedule with clients who love to work with you.

Today’s guest, Ben Musholt, has built an online platform and online business around one of his unique passions– Parkour.  The training program called Parkour uses movement to get participants from one point to another in the fastest way possible without assistive equipment. It involves running and jumping, vaulting over obstacles to name a few.

I interviewed Ben in podcast Episode #24 about his Beyond the Clinc in House Therapy Services. To learn more about Ben’s background and his day job I encourage you to listen to that episode. 

You’ve probably seen variations of Parkour on the television shows such as Amercian Ninja Warrior or in movies like Casino Royale. Both parkour and freerunning encompass an unique blend of athleticism, overcoming obstacles and self-expression.

Ben is a physical therapist and certified parkour and freefunning coach in Portland, Oregon. He authored three books, created exercise software and is the co-founder of Beyond the Clinic in home rehabilitation practice. I spoke with Ben about his lastest book, Parkour Strength Training: Overcome Obstacles for Fun and Fitness while he was on his post book launch sabbatical in Spain.

In this episode, here’s what we cover:

  • Ben’s strategy for growing an audience prior to launching a product
  • Lessons learned from becoming a self-published author
  • Choosing a niche practice based upon sustainable motivation
  • Putting the hardwork in now to enjoy the profits later
  • How to connect with catagory authority as key partners
  • How much money he spent to launch his books and exercise software

Resources mentioned in the episode include: 

If you have a question for Ben you can leave it in the comment section below or you can contact Ben at ben@beyondtheclinic.com to find more about his business or his books.

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We recently finished the first  Cash Practice Roadmap Pilot Course. It was a huge success largely due to a great group of therapists in the first course. They are all at various stages of starting their own practice. I had therapists from all the way from California to New Mexico to New Jersey. We had a great experience together and I can’t thank them enough for the feedback and hard work they put into the pilot course. You all will benefit from their efforts as I’ll be creating a full course later in the year to help other therapists launch their very own cash practice.

If you’re interested in the next class please email me at heypaul@paulpotterpt.com and type Cash Practice Roadmap in the subject line. I’ll arrange phone call so I can answer your questions about the next course course.


As therapists we have tremendous opportunity to use our abilites, education and expertise to enhance client’s lives. What a privilege? If your are in the therapy business to serve people, then my new book On Fire: Ignite Your Passion with a Cash Therapy Practice will help you.

On Fire takes a close look at innovative therapists who are using alternative ways to deliver high-value care to their patients. Cash therapy services have emerged as a viable alternative to accepting business as usual.

If you are intrigued by the attention that cash-based practices are attracting On Fire is a great primer to help you get up to speed on the key issues and how if might impact your practice. The book is available on Amazon. If you are interested in getting your own copy join my email list and I’ll keep you up to date on the special pre-order bonuses I’m giving away.

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