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Looking for ways to make up for the money you’re not getting paid by insurance companies?

If you are, you’re not alone. Therapists are ideally positioned to offer medical fitness services because of their expertise in movement related problems and their indepth medical education. US consumers spend $267 billion dollars on health-related products and services. Consumer interest in fitness services, dietary supplements and weight loss programs has sky rocketed.

This Month’s Theme: Discovering Your Niche

We are highlighting the importance of being category authority in a area of practice that’s your passion.  I’m convinced that when you do your best work and help people along the way you’ll be the most successful and content. A niche is where your knowledge, clinical expertise and passion enhances your professional reputation and grow your practice.

Throughout the month I will produce blog posts, podcast episodes and free downloadable resources designed to help you become a category authority and build your practice.

In a competitive marketplace the benefits of standing out and being the best–no matter your profession– are rapidly increasing. The Internet has amplified the noise so to be heard above the crowd therapists need a strong clear message of who they are and the value they offer.

Narrowing your focus and building your knowledge in a specific area of practice may seem like a career suicide. But in a competitive marketplace vying for your patient’s attention sometimes it’s the only way to rise above the competition.

Forward thinking therapists have expanded their menu of services to included gym memberships, personal trainers and pilates and yoga studios.  Therapists with specialized Yoga training are able to use it as a therapuetic tool in PT clinics. In addition, therapists leverage their Yoga training to offer classes and one on one sessions to address non-medical dysfunction through optimal balance, posture and breathing.

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Yoga Niche Practice

If you have considered integrating yoga systems into your practice in some form, my guest today Lisa Holland will be a big help to you. Dr. Holland, foundly known  as the Belly Guru, is a physical therapist is the owner and lead therapist of the Belly Guru Yoga Training System.

Dr. Holland began her non-traditional cash therapy practice 10 years ago with Yoga for new mothers and maternal wellness . Lisa gradually built an integrative practice upon her passion for wellness and a biopsychosocial approach to optimal human performance. She now sees herself as a primary care provider for her clients referring out to other key partners such as massage therapists, nutritionist and other holistic health providers.

Dr. Holland is a blogger, a lifestyle design coach and offers professional mentorship to other healthcare providers interested in using the Belly Guru training systems to develop their own integrative private practice. Join us in our conversation as we talk about:

  • Dr. Hollands’s back story about how she made the leap into entrepreneurship with Belly Guru.
  • How her Yoga lifestyle, personal assets and competition informed her choice of a business model
  • The day to day operations of Belly Guru and how it works.
  • How Lisa built up her practice in the early years 
  • Her vision for other therapists to be healthy and successful in their careers



Belly Guru LLC final

Licensed Professional Training Using Yoga in Your Practice


Click Here to Get Your Free Tip Sheet10 Tips to be a yoga therapist

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Cash Therapy Roadmap image

We recently finished the first  Cash Practice Roadmap Pilot Course. It was a huge success largely due to a great group of therapists in the first course. They are all at various stages of starting their own practice. I had therapists from all the way from California to New Mexico to New Jersey. We had a great experience together and I can’t thank them enough for the feedback and hard work they put into the pilot course. You all will benefit from their efforts as I’ll be creating a full course later in the year to help other therapists launch their very own cash practice.

If you’re interested in the next class please email me at heypaul@paulpotterpt.com and type Cash Practice Roadmap in the subject line. I’ll arrange phone call so I can answer your questions about the next course course.


As therapists we have tremendous opportunity to use our abilites, education and expertise to enhance client’s lives. What a privilege? If your are in the therapy business to serve people, then my new book On Fire: Ignite Your Passion with a Cash Therapy Practice will help you.

On Fire takes a close look at innovative therapists who are using alternative ways to deliver high-value care to their patients. Cash therapy services have emerged as a viable alternative to accepting business as usual.

If you are intrigued by the attention that cash-based practices are attracting On Fire is a great primer to help you get up to speed on the key issues and how if might impact your practice. The book is available on Amazon. If you are interested in getting your own copy join my email list and I’ll keep you up to date on the special pre-order bonuses I’m giving away.

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