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If you are interested in a cash therapy practice you probably have several questions about treating Medicare patients. If you do then you don’t want to miss the second part of my inteview with with Dr. Jarod Carter.

This interview is the second of a 2-part interview with Dr. Jarod Carter addressing the key questions regarding Medicare from his soon to be released book Medicare and Cash-Pay Physical Therapy. The first part of the interview was last week and you can find it at Medicare and Cash Pay Therapy episode 57.

Jarod Carter is considered by many to be the front-runner in the cash-based physical therapy movement. Jarod began Carter Physiotherapy in April 2010 as a cash-only private practice. He dives in further to provide therapists authoritative advice on several essential steps to ensure your compliance when accepting cash payments from Medicare beneficiaries for your services.

In the 2nd episode we cover:

  • How to bill  if you have 2 licences such as being a massage therapist and a physical therapist
  • The importance of policies and procedures manual
  • Jarod’s key steps when starting a new practice from scratch
  • General recommendations when designing your patient contracts
  • The important role of your attorney when treating Medicare beneficiaries

Jarod graduated from University of St. Augustine Physical Therapy  School in 2005. He developed his clinical expertise further by earning certifications in Manual Therapy and CSCS. Throughout his young career he purposely sought out employment opportunities where manual therapists and business experts could mentor him.

He thoughtfully went into business for himself by diving right into a cash-based solo practice. He soon developed a reputation for getting incredibly fast results through one-hour sessions of manual therapy. Creative marketing combined with solid business principles led to him being booked solid within six months.

At his website,, Jarod is paying it forward by helping other therapists to start their own cash-based practices. Through his podcast, blog and books he is providing the latest information on private pay physical therapy services.

He is an online mentor to many entrepreneurs who dream of spending more time with patients by owning their own cash-based therapy practice.

Purchase your copy of Jarod’s new book Medicare and Cash-Pay Physical Therapy

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