NitinHow would you like for your practice not only to survive but thrive through healthcare reform and ever-dwindling reimbursements? How would you like to pick the brain of one of the leading practice building experts? My guest today is here to help you learn about all things marketing and growing your practice.

Nitin Chhoda is a physical therapist and Internet entrepreneur extraordinaire. You’ve probably seen or heard him online through one of your Google searches on physical therapy marketing.

Nitin is the author of  “Physical Therapy Marketing For The New Economy” and the creator of the InTouch Billing software. He is a private practice owner, marketing consultant and international speaker. He is the creator of several products and training programs that help therapists grow a successful practice.

We could talk about a variety of hot topics with Nitin that would help your practice thrive in the new healthcare economy. However, today Nitin and I discuss his secrets of becoming a successful online entrepreneur and his new event Referral Ignition 2015, hosted in San Diego this October 16th, 17th and 18th.

In this Episode, Nitin Chodda explains:

  • Nitin’s backstory of immigrate to a successful serial entrepreneur
  • The essential steps to successfully market your practice
  • How to diversify your business income streams to include cash based services
  • Overcome the threat of audits, HIPAA violations, and Obamacare through business diversification and lower expenses
  • 3 fundamental business practices that are essential for your practice growth
  • 3 Practical strategies to help your practice thrive in 2016


Action Steps to Take:

  • Register and attend Referral Ignition 2015 in San Diego, CA October 16,17 & 18th
  • Analyze your Before, During & After patient experience then send a personal thank you note
  • Look for opportunities to connect with other optimistic, supportive and generous entrepreneurs
  • Reach back with something you know and help someone take their practice to the next level


The goal of the Ignition 2015 event is to save the autonomy of private practice. Ignition will teach you and your team to lead with power, conviction, clarity, and authenticity, the factors that will transform  your practice.

Discover how to deliver an exceptional patient experience that will exceed all expectations, by creating a complete internal culture (that your staff can easily implement) designed to automatically meet the needs of the patient before, during and after their visit.


Referral Ignition 2015 is ideal for private practice owners, office staff, billers of healthcare practices and anyone thinking of opening a practice.To learn more about attending the Referral Ignition 2015 Event click on this banner.

Enter the code Paul Potter PT to recieve your $50 discount for being a listener of this show.




I believe in the power of therapists and small business to change healthcare, society and more importantly patient’s health. I believe therapists should lessen their dependency on physician referrals and large corporations. That’s why I’ve written a book. I want to inspire you and help you stay true to your calling while doing the work you love.

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