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Today, the roles are reversed! I’m interviewed by Karen Litzy on my new book  On Fire: Ignite your Passion with a Cash Based Therapy Practice. Our interview delves into the reasoning behind my choice to structure my physical therapy clinic to include cash services, as well as the lessons I learned in creating a medical fitness center.

I believe caring for others through physical therapy is a noble calling. Patients are often vulnerable when seeking healthcare from trusted providers. Trust is earned through empathy, integrity and seeking patients interests above our own.

Karen and I discuss how the healthcare economy has permanately changed and what to do about it. We talk about specific strategies for therapists to rise above their competition by marketing directly to clients through the internet. Towards the end of our conversation we discuss the 4 stages of my Dream Practice Roadmap to provide practical steps to guide your journey towards creating a cash therapy practice.

You can listen to the interview on Karen’s site by clicking on the link below.

The Road Map to a Cash PT Practice w/ Paul Potter PT

As I mention in my book, I view running a cash based therapy practice similarly to competing in a triathalon. There are three vital parts to making a cash based therapy practice function efficiently: marketing expertise, business expertise and clinician expertise. Being an apprentice under another PT is the best way I have found to gain experience post graduation from physical therapy school.

Using a cash based therapy model gives your patients the time they deserve when they see you. Instead of a quick in and out meeting costing hundreds of dollars over several months, your patients get more of your time at a more reasonable rate.

The Road Map to a Cash PT Practice Interview with Karent Litzy PT

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I believe in the power of therapists and small business to change healthcare, society and more importantly patient’s health. I believe therapists should lessen their dependency on physician referrals and large corporations. That’s why I’ve written a book. I want to inspire you and help you stay true to your calling while doing the work you love.

 The launch date for On Fire: Ignite Your Passion with a Cash Therapy Practice is September 8th the Tuesday after Labor Day.  If you order the book before September 8th then I’ll send you some really cool bonuses that will help you get even more out of the book. Just click this link to learn more. On Fire!

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