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KaciMonroe PT

Running a long distance race takes stamina and endurance to push through the finish line. As a 2011 graduate from physical therapy school and long distance runner, Kaci Monroe knows how to pace herself for the long journey of starting a new practice.

Kaci’s unique  circumstances and vision allowed for a whirlwind of change and after only four years from graduating, she opened up her own practice.

Kaci’s journey started when she quit her staff therapy position and googled the words “how to start a physical therapy clinic”. After buying the first book that came up on Amazon, she was flooded with information about what makes a successful practice.

While being a novice Kaci formed several key business relationships that allowed her hit the ground running and she hasn’t stopped since.

From figuring out simple things such as naming her practice to more complicated tasks like filing paperwork for your LLC, Kaci navigated through it all and became a part of Big Fork Montana Athletic Club and opened River Bend Physical Therapy.

At the athletic club, Kaci offers her expertise through free consultations where she is able to gain referrals through an integrative medicince practice that includes personal trainers, and a nurse practitioner. The integrative professional model helps the clubs’ patrons receive the best services possible while Monroe is still able to run a successful physical therapy practice.

Even in the small town of Big Horn, there are five other physical therapy practices that Kaci had to consider when opening her own practice. The athletic club was a perfect niche that allowed Kaci’s practice to flourish. Even in this small community Kaci has found a way to be involved, give back and just be present.

I thoroughly enjoyed hearing Kaci’s perspective on starting her own practice. Each practice is different and it was enthralling to hear how an athletic club, physical therapy clinic, personal trainers, and nurse practitioners all work cohesively to provide the best care. Her lifelong community involvement along with her father and husband has led to a network of relationships eager to promote her new business venture.

In this Episode, Kaci Monroe explains:

  • Networking and marketing yourself through within a fitness club environment
  • The essential steps to take before opening the doors
  • Develop your niche no matter what the competition is doing
  • How a community that knows and trusts you can help your business to thrive
  • Key negoiations to have with your landlord
  • Integrative medicine approach to a successful PT practice


Action Steps to Take:

  • Find your niche and what makes your practice unique
  • Start small: find out what your first steps are when opening a practice
  • Look for opportunities to network with other professionals to integrate your services into a package offering




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