Rach headshotTherapists want to do what is best for their patients. Parents want to what is best for their babies. With the birth of our first daughter, one of four, my wife and I wrestled with the a major decision that many professional couples face. Was Anne going to put her career on hold to be at home with our children?

Whether that was full time or part time there was more of a clearer distinction of being a stay at home mom or a at work mom. We chose to have her stay home full time with the children and we even home schooled them for several years. Only after our last child was in high school did Anne return part time to our private practice to treat patients.

If you are a therapist that is looking for a creative option to be home with your children and stay involved with your therapy career you won’t want to miss this interview with Rachel Coley. Rachel has launched a successful at home therapy business. Care is important at all ages, starting from infancy to old age there are healthcare providers along life’s journey to make it easier.

We find our guest for today at the beginning. Rachel Coley has been specializing in pediatric occupational therapy for the last nine years. Even when entering grad school Rachel knew that her passion was for pediatrics and more specifically infant care.

The inspiration started after Rachel had a newborn of her own. She would design activities to do with her newborn and posted them on her personal Facebook page for other parents to use. Eight weeks after her own child had been born, the support was unanimous and Rachel started her own business, Can Do Kiddo.

Rachel received tremendous support from her spouse when starting her at-home business. He would often validate her work by asking questions about what is new she os working on and how her business is doing. This can be huge for starting out entrepreneurs and help them establish a home base.

Rachel’s Can Do Kiddo blog has reached more people than she had known possible. When she was working as an occupational therapist at the school, she would have around 30-40 kids that she would work with in a given year, but after her blog she realized her influence had grown exponentially.

Wanting to help new parents with the development of their infants Rachel created a developmental blanket that gives 45 exercises the first 4 months of life. After marketing her blanket on Etsy, she wrote an accompanying book, which was received with more excitement. This made Rachel re-evaluate and led her to write a second book on Simple Play.

Rachel identifies with her readers by “being in the trenches” with them and having empathy with their experiences. Rachel hopes that her blog resonates with parents in similar stages of life. The journey she has been on to establish her blog and at home business has led to discovery of what she can bring to the profession of occupational therapy as well as how she can use her “helping gene” to help her readers.

I want to thank Rachel for sitting down with me and delving into her passion for infant care. The work/home life balance takes a new perspective when you work from home and I enjoyed discussing how that manifests in Rachel’s own experience. Rachel has a “can do” attitude for what she does and how she can best help other parents through the beginning stages of their own child’s development.

In this episode, here’s what we cover:

  • The importance of having a supportive spouse to help get started
  •  How to re-evaluate your products and tailor them to your buyers
  • How can you have a positive brand and positive image
  • Learning different phases of your career






Action Steps

  • Re-evaluate your passions and see where they can overlap with what you are currently doing
  • How can you expand your circle to reach more people?
  • How can you “be in the trenches” with your readers?

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