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Aaron-Headshot-smallToday I have a conversation with physical therapist/massage therapist/bike enthusiast, Aaron LeBauer and his journey into starting his own cash based practice in Greensboro, North Carolina. Aaron is a great person with a generous, free spirit. I know you will enjoy his refreshing perspective on life and private practice

Aaron’s story began as a massage therapist in California before moving back to North Carolina to become a physical therapist. Aaron quickly realized after seeing 43 patients in one day during a clinical rotation, that he needed to practice PT in a different way. Despite the warnings of a PT professor that no therapist could survive in a cash only practice Aaron set out to create the practice of his dreams.

When starting a cash based practice from scratch, getting referrals from physicians can be a challenge. Aaron explains how having a primary care mindset helped him level the playing field. New patients are looking for local experts to trust online through internet searches. Aaron shares how to create a vibrant internet presence through a blog, videos and patient testimonies can great source for new referrals.

If you are considering a cash-based practice, Aaron helps walk through the beginning stages fresh out of school, and how he has maintained his practice through his online marketing strategy. Having primary care mindset also leads to becoming actively involved in the community and explores a more personal look at health care.

I want to thank Aaron LaBauer for sitting down with me twice for this interview since the first file was corrupted, he was gracious enough to let me re-interview him and share his personal experience about his journey opening up LaBauer Physical Therapy in 2009. His winsome personality and openness helps create avenues for others to get to know him, and I have been encouraged through talking about his own experiences in my own efforts as well.

In this episode, Aaron explains:

  • The journey as a massage therapist led to starting his own Cash Based Practice
  • Having a primary care mindset and using that as a starting point
  • How to have a strong internet presence to attract patients, through blog posts, articles, and testimonies
  • Creating value for others and enhancing their programs leads to referrals
  • Get out of the scarcity mindset and find your own “pie”

Cash PT Blueprint

For a limited time  Aaron is offering $100 off his CashPT Blueprint to the listeners of the podcast.

The CashPT Blueprint is an online training program and community that will walk you through the process of opening, or transitioning to, a cash-based practice. When you can create an experience and environment that patients cannot find elsewhere, provide exceptional service, touch them, listen to them and be an easily accessible resource to them, you will have an extremely valuable product and people will eagerly pay out of pocket to see you. Click this link to check out The CashPT Blueprint at Aaron’s website.


  • LeBauer Consulting– Aaron’s site that contains several helpful resources to start your own cash based therapy practice
  • LeBauer Physical Therapy– Check out Aaron’s PT clinic website especially his approach to patient testimonials
  • The CashPT Blueprint– Aaron’s step-by-step online training course to starting a cash based therapy practice.

Action Steps to Take:

  • Adopt a primary care mindset by knowing your specialties and being able to focus in on them
  • Find a blog post or article that you can share with patients or on a social media platform
  • Find ways to give back to your community that will be mutually beneficial and lead to marketing for your own practice