DIY MarketingI know that for many practice owners marketing is just one of the many hats they have to wear. Here are a few marketing ideas from the web that might be useful to small therapy practices. Take one or two ideas that seem to fit. Put them at the top of your “to-do” list or better yet delegate it to one of your best employees.

Buy local

Look into getting on a local radio show. See if you can record a listener call-in spot on a local station. Radio advertising can be a medium you can dominate. Your competitors might be putting all their attention on the Internet. Use a radio drip ad campaign to be top of mind when your prospective clients are looking for therapy services.

Market your signature

Think of how many emails you send out every day. Every one of those emails is an opportunity to market your practice. Be sure to format your signature in your email program to promote your business. If you have a email list (and you should) invite your reader to joint your email list to receive a free give away. Create an email signature with one or two links to your website or social media page. Don’t include every social media you are on. Keep it simple with two or three. Too many choices and readers will choose to do nothing. Here is mine. 

Paul Potter PT
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 Double-check your business listings

Start with Google the largest search engine in the world. Keeping your business listed on the first page of Google is a huge competitive advantage over your competition. Download Aaron LeBauer’s Dominate First Page of Google in 30 Minutes and dominate the therapy listing page on Google.

Look ahead in the calendar for upcoming holidays

Check out the lesser known, weird & wacky celebrations that might be unique to your region. With your staff plan out simple ways to promote your practice or to make memorable “Disney”moments for the patients in your clinic. Read my blog post I wrote about creating memorable moments. If you write the ideas on a calendar you are more likely to get them accomplished. Also, if ideas are recorded they are easily delegated to other team members.

Partner with a local non-profit

Let your staff choose a local non-profit organization to develop a long-term service opportunity for your practice. Too many times contributions to non-profits are seasonal. Your practice will stand out if you give finances and time as a regular rhythm to your practice. You will probably receive more than you give. Over time the positive relationships you develop will create a network of good will within your community.

Most of the ideas on my list are simple and will take you only a few minutes. One or two will take a little more time and the help of others. Most do not cost a lot of money nor are they difficult. Don’t forget to include your staff and to make it fun.

How about you, do you have any DIY marketing ideas to promote your practice?