Cash therapy practice is all the rage

In today’s healthcare whirlwind, therapists are often tossed aside – to the detriment of the patient, the profession and society’s health. Unfortunately, doing therapy as usual does not often result in optimal outcomes or bottom line results for the patient or therapist. Therapists are struggling to carve out a fulfilling, profitable niche, an event that has left many discouraged and even disheartened.

Some therapists are joining the entrepreneurship movement and are creating their own lean practice startups. Entrpreneurship has gone mainstream and has the potential to transform the delivery of healthcare like it has in other aspects of our economy.  

Within the private practice community, cash therapy practice is being somewhat glamorized. Being your own boss and an entrepreneur is considered sexy by some but it comes at a price. Not everyone has the makings to be an entrepreneur. Most therapists are probably better off working for a organization of some sorts.

For those brave souls that desire to venture out on their own I wrote the Cash Therapy Practice Manifesto. I wanted to foster a public discussion about the pros and cons of the cash therapy practice model. I finished the manifesto and it is publically available. 

The Cash Therapy Practice: Professional Freedom in the New Healthcare Economy is now in the Kindle format. Check out my new video about the digital version and the landing page I created for it.   To see the Cash Therapy Practice Landing Page click on this link. Cash Therapy Practice.

Please tell me what you think. I’d love to hear your thoughts and about what you are struggling with. 


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