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RickPicCasualIf you are considering owning your own practice that includes Medicare patients then this episode is a must for you.  On today’s episode I interview Medicare and documentation expert Rick Gawenda of Gawenda Seminars & Consulting. As a physical therapist Rick has spent a major part of his career helping therapists successfully navigate Medicare compliance issues through his seminars and one on one consultations.

When you start up a new therapy practice there is an endless list of regulations and tasks that need to get done. Many days you struggle just to treat patients, complete the documentation and get home at a reasonable hour. Keeping up with Medicare and state regulations can be put off tomorrow. Let’s face it many times we end up flying by the seat of our pants with a vague understanding of the rules.

If you are considering a cash-based practice Rick provides you a clear understanding on the key Medicare regulations that will effect your practice. He also pulls back the curtain on his growth as a quiet leader over his career. Rick shares that mentors that believed in his leadership abilities and a belief in God and himself provided him the courage to take risks develop his career.


In this episode, Rick explains:

  • How surviving a Medicare audit opened the door to an unexpected new career path.
  • The value of mentors and leaders putting you in a position where you can succeed.
  • Four Key Tips when considering a Cash-based practice.
  • How high deductibles and Obamacare create opportunities for a cash-based practice.
  • Essential considerations when decided to be a participating or non-participating Medicare provider.
  • Medicare’s definition of wellness services for a cash-based practice.
  • Documentation recommendations when seeing Medicare patients.

Resources we discuss:

Action Steps to Take:

  • Make a list of the teachers, coaches, parent that believed in you when you didn’t believe in yourself. Give thanks.
  • Take a webinar by Rick to stay up to date on the latest Medicare regulations. 
  • Go to the CMS website and read the definition of wellness services in outpatient clinics.
  • Decide what area you are going to go big on. 

I want to thank Rick for sharing his expertise and being candid about how his faith factored into his career decisions and life. One of the goals I had when I started this podcast was to provide a place where we could get to know the personal side of the leaders in our professions. Most of them are very easy to talk to and very generous with their knowledge and love to help people. I believe as we get to know them as people it encourages the rest of us that we can make an impact wherever we are.  I hope that Rick’s interview inspired you to believe in yourself and to have a little bit more courage to listen to that quiet inner voice telling you to take a risk and go for something big.

Starting this podcast and writing a book on a starting a cash-based practice were big steps of faith for me and still are to this day.   I would love to hear about your steps of faith that you are taking in your career in the comments below.

What area of your life are you going big on?

Tell us about a mentor that believed in you when you didn’t believe in yourself.