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brennan hussey

 Cash practice owner, Brennan Hussey, feels called to serve his community with his manual therapy skills and coaching basketball. Brennan’s father was a teacher/coach and died of a heart attack in his 50’s. His father’s early death had a profound impact on how Brennan was going to live his life and practice physical therapy. 

He determined that he wanted to live for what matter for as long as he live. For Brennan that meant taking advanced training in manual therapy so that he could provide his clients the best care possible. It also meant that he would volunteer his time as a basketball coach.

Selflessly being involved in his community has turned out to be his strongest marketing strategy to build his cash-based practice. Brennan has built a successful practice upon deep personal relationships with his clients, their families and friends. They know him and trust him.

The pillars of his practice are listening, being personally interested in his clients and a devotion to mastering his hands on skills. This foundation allows him to design a profitable practice around lifestyle he desires to live. For Brennan that is a lifestyle practice built upon his calling and the needs of his patients and family. Brennan has taken a wholistic view of his practice and has designed it to serve a higher purpose rather than becoming a slave to the practice. You’ll benefit tremendously from listening to this humble, wise mentor. 

In this episode, Brennan explains:

  • His best marketing strategy for building a solid client base.
  • How being a basketball coach enhances his life and practice.
  • Keys to premium service and charging for what it’s worth.
  • Brennan’s practical suggestions for getting started in a cash-based practice.


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Action Steps to Take:

  • Theologian Frederick Buechner wrote: “Vocation is where our greatest passion meets the world’s greatest need.” One way to determine your passion is discovering what you believe to be the world’s greatest need. Your passion flows from attempting to do something about meeting that need. Make it your passion to help people in need. Build your practice around that passion and you’ll always find there will be a demand for your services.
  • What is the world’s greatest need, according to you?
  • What do you hope to do to meet that need that sparks your passion? 
  • What advanced training can you take to improve your expertise in that area?
  • What kind of lifestyle practice would you design if money was not object
  • How can you be more intentional about living with purpose at work and home?

For those of you that are considering a cash-based practice I’m finishing up the second draft of my book on the cash therapy practice model. The cash-based practice movement is gaining momentum and I thought it was time to facilitate a conversation on what we’ve learned so far. I examine the changes that has occurred within the new healthcare economy, how to prepare your practice to ride the tidal wave of reform through self-examination and practical guidance. It’s not a definitve guide to starting a cash-based practice because our current environment is constanly changing . I wrote about discovering your calling, identifying your ideal clients and designing a practice to provide a solution to their greatest problem.  

I plan on launching the book on July 1st but I’d like to make my mini version free to my podcast and email subscribers. It is called Cash Therapy Practice, Profession Freedom in the New Healthcare Economy. The best way way to get a copy is to email me at heypaul@paulpotterpt.com and I’ll send you the PDF of the ebook. I will be posting information about the ebook on my blog PaulPotterPT.com and I’ll have future announcements on this podcast.