Aaron_Walker_View_From_The_Top_Hi_ResToday I’m honored to have businessman and life coach Aaron Walker as a guest on my show. Aaron, has inspired many business leaders through his leadership, mentorship, and consistent pursuit of excellence.

Aaron shares from his 35 years of entrepreneurship and marriage to help you reach new heights and grow from your experiences. Mastermind groups have been a key part of Aaron’s life for over twenty years.  Aaron has benefitted from spiritual mentors and friends like financial guru Dave Ramsey, Dan Miller of 48 Days and Bob Warren.

In this episode, Aaron explains:

  • What is a mastermind group?
  • How is a mastermind group structured?
  • What are some of benefits of a mastermind?
  • How to find or create your own mastermind?


At the end of our interview Aaron shares with us 3 free resources from his Iron Sharpening Iron mastermind group and his one-on-one life coaching program.


Resources we discuss:

Action Steps to Take:

  • Make a list of like minded individuals that you might consider forming a mastermind group with.
  • Download Aaron Walker’s free resources and check out his Iron Sharpens Iron groups.
  • Ask a mentor, teacher or peer if they are aware of any mastermind groups in your area.
  • How can you be more intentional about living with purpose at work and home?

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