Jamey Schrier

This interview is a little bit different from the usual interviews that I do at the Functional Freedom Podcast.  This interview I did on location last month at the 2015 American Physical Therapy Associations’s Combined Sections Meeting.  I gave a presentation on Technology and Geriatrics for the association and met several therapists from all over the country. One of those therapists was Jamey Schrier.

I took the opportunity to reach out to Jamey Schrier, CEO of Schrier Physical Therapy in 2 locations Maryland. After his PT practice burned down in 2004, Jamey was faced with a major career decision to rebuild or walk away.

Because at the time of the fire, Jamey was working 10-12 hours per day, 6 days per week practically doing everything in his practice.  He was burned out emotionally as well as physically.

For next several years Jamey began to work more on his business than in his business.  In 2013 Jamey finally took his name completely off the schedule and to the surprise of everyone his profits went up.

 Jamey launched his Elite Coaching business to help PT business owners in business management and entrepreneurship. So listen in to Jamey’s story and his coaching on how grow your PT business.

In this episode, here’s what we cover:

  • Jamey shares how he rebuilt his practice and himself after a fire destroyed his clinic
  • Free yourself from the “super hero” syndrome where you try to do it all
  • Success principles from Jamey’s Automated PT Practice course
  • Tips of how to organize your practice to run more efficiently
  • Go BIG in in your practice and life

Resources we discuss: