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 Have you ever wondered about how to build your practice through writing?  Whether that be writing a blog post, patient handout or even writing a book this interview with Joshua Stone ATC is for you.

Joshua is an acquitions editor for Human Kinetics. Human Kinetics is a world leader in providing information related to physical activity.

Their information touches millions of people worldwide and no doubt many of you have come across several of their publications. We use Fall Proof, Senior Fitness Test and other reference manuals for our clinic.

During my conversation with Joshua we cover:

  1. The straight forward truth of getting your book idea published 
  2. Incorporating research into your busy practice
  3. How to use a blog to reach your potential customers. 

Joshua puts his graduate degree in athletic training to use as he works with content experts and leading authors to take leading edge research to publish new books that educates students and clinician to deliver high quality care.  He also publishes on his own blog  and puts research into to practice with a small personal coaching practice.

You will enjoy and benefit from Joshua’s perspective as an athletic trainer and an acquisition editor of a world publishing leader.  So if any of you are thinking about writing a book or writing on a blog this is one episode you don’t want to miss.

In this episode we will cover:

  • Using research to increase the tools in your clinical toolbox
  • How to integrate rsearch into a busy practice
  • Using a blog and socail media to grow your brand
  • How to work with an editor to get a book published

Items mentioned in this episode are:

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