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Michael Sliwinski Nozbe Founder

Are you off to a good start on your goals for the year?  Do you have difficulty sorting out the best from the rest?  Do you feel like you never get around to doing the tasks that are really important for you?

I’d like to do whatever I can to help you live out your dreams and achieve your goals in life.  With that in mind I’d like to introduce this episode’s guest, Michael Sliwinski.  Michael is the creator of the well- known Nozebe task management web application, used by many leaders who are really productive yet balanced. I absolutely love it!  Nozbe and David Allen’s book Getting Things Done have taken my time management approach in a whole new direction.

In this episode Michael shares with us many valuable insights for organizing your time and yourself. He strongly emphasizes the importance of searching for your passion and being ‘you’ rather than just on making money.

By setting priorities and collaborating with others, you bring out the best in yourself and them. He stresses the value of being true  your core values so you can offer a product that will be beneficial as well as worth charging for.

What I love the most about Michael is his passion and his heart behind all that he gets done.  His passion for helping others and of family and friends will ignite the passion for good in all of us.

In this episode we will cover:

  • The origin of Nozebe
  • How to access this app and Michael’s course on productivity
  • Prioritizing your time and productivity

Items mentioned in this episode are:


Michael is best know for his product Nozebe.  It is a task management system that is used world- wide. It interfaces with mobile devices and enables people to share ideas and communicate closely. He has also developed a free course sharing his concepts of productivity as well as the book Ten Steps for Productivity. Be encouraged to seek out your passion and organize yourself by taking advantage of these free resources.

You can get your New Year’s goals done and get 4 months free of Nozbe PRO by going to Nozbe.com.  Watch the 1-minute introductory video, use the coupon code and you’ll be on your way to making 2015 your best year ever.

However, as you listen to my inteview with Michael you’ll learn that he is much more than a time management tech freak.  He is a time mangement guru with heart and soul.  He’ll inspire you to best the best you can be while pursuing your dreams with others.