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Terry Ledford, Ph.D.

Terry Ledford, Ph.D.

Do you tend to be self-critical?  Do you sabotage yourself in relationships or at work?  Do you wrestle with self doubt as you take steps to build your dream practice?  I know I often do.

On this episode my guest is Terry Ledford PhD, a noted psychologist, with more than 30 years of experience providing psychotherapy in private practice.    Dr. Ledford has developed an  unique combination of therapeutic stories and cognitive techniques to help people heal their heart wounds.

I know that many of you are stepping out into new territory of starting  your own dream practice.  A lot of you are feeling anxious and unsure whether you are making the right decision to follow your calling. It is at those times of uncertainty and doubt that you are the most vulnerable to your limiting beliefs and woundedness.

Dr. Ledford will inspire you to overcome the wounds to your self-esteem as he describes his technique of using therapeutic stories to connect with patients.  You’ll benefit from the insights he gained when starting his own practice from scratch and how he grew his client list into the successful practice it is today.

I had the privilege of meeting Terry at Michael Hyatt’s Platform conference last November in 2014.  We sat at the same table during the Platform Intensive session and shared a life changing lunch together.   I was in the midst of selling my practice. On the drive out to the conference in Colorado we hit a deer and totaled our car.  Needless to say I was under significant stress! During the conference I was challenged to step out of my comfort zone and to get clarity on what I felt called to do.  And to top it all off I was surrounded by high achieving entrepreneurs that made my start up seem very insignificant, atleast to me.

We went through an exercise to honestly examine the obstacles that were holding us back.  I realized one of the reasons I wasn’t posting regularly to my blog was a limiting fear of being criticized as a writer.  Terry being a psychologist quickly picked up on that fear and helped me look at my underlying self-esteem issue. During lunch he pinpointed a childhood woundedness that was surfaceing during this time of vulnerability.  He walked me through a discovery process with a couple of stories and principles that brought clarity to a belief that was holding me back.   I immediately bought and read his book Parables For a Wounded Heart.  I knew then I had to have him on the show to help us overcome our fears to achieve great things.


In this episode, here’s what we cover:

  • Dr. Ledford shares his personal experience starting up his private practice clinic
  • Key insights in getting new clients while making a living
  • The value of using therapeutic stories to connect with yourself and your patients
  • Three successful techniques in healing wounded emotions from your past
  • Step by step guidance in overcoming your self-criticalness and negativity

Resources we discuss: