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You are in for a real treat on this episode as I get to pick the brain of occupational therapist ScottScott Pic Harmon. Scott is an entrepreneur with tons of enthusiasm and knowledge on the advantages of owning a private practice.

Scott and his wife Jennifer, also an OT,  are owners of their two triving Therapy 4 Kids pediatic clinics.

One of the goals of this blog is to highlight ordinary therapists doing extra ordinary things.  Scott and his wife provide therapy to transform the lives of the children and families in two small Arkansas towns.

In additon to providing direct care and managing his clinics Scott hosts his own Start A Therapy Practice podcast and blog out of his home office.  He is an excellent example of how a therapist can change her part of the world through a heart to serve and sharing freely her expertise.

Scott believes strongly about the value of independent practitioners and impact they can have while keeping healthcare personal and meaningful.  His website Start A Therapy Practice is geared towards helping therapists begin the journey into owning their own practice through ebooks, free resources and products.


During my interview Scott shares six questions to ask yourself in determine if you have the heart of an entrepreneur. He is all about investing your time and talents into your own business rather than ‘working for the man’. Scott’s desire to give direction and practical advice to help young therapists along the way offers valuable insight and tips gleaned from his own journey.

In this episode, here’s what we cover:

  • Scott shares his pediatric clinic start up from day one
  • Key nuggets to setting up your practice
  • The secret behind Scott’s doughnut marketing strategy
  • The 5 Questions to ask to see if you are an entrepreneur.
  • How to take “smart risks” in building your practice

Resources we discuss:


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Do you have the heart of an entrepeneur?  Which characteristic describes you the most?