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RobBlazer2(enhanced)Welcome  to our community of ordinary therapists doing extra ordinary things.   You are reason that this podcast exists.  I am here because I deeply care about helping therapists create a fulfilling profitable practice for themselves.  Through my blog, podcasts and my mentoring I help those of you that want the freedom to escape corporate therapy and create your ideal career.

With that in mind, on this episode I interview physical therapist and executive/professional coach Rob Wainner DPT, PhD from Texas Physical Therapy Specialists and Evidence in Motion.  Rob and I drill down into what is professional coaching and how having a professional coach might benefit you.

Rob describes his value proposition as, “ Leaders who feel stuck or over-whelmed deprive themselves and others of value. I coach leaders for clarity of thinking and action so they can go from fuzzy & overwhelmed to clear, effective and wildly successful in both business and life.In our conversation Dr. Wainner describes his coaching process of how he empowers therapists for positive change in themselves and others.  He skillfully uses meaningful conversations to clarify thinking for effective action.

Rob is a graduate of the United States Air Force Academy and spent 20 years as a physical therapist in a variety of military medical centers seeing a wide variety of patients.  He is a founding partner and Director of Leadership at Texas Physical Therapy Specialists.  He is an owner/partner of Evidence in Motion.  In 2014 he changed roles at TexPTS and EIM to the director of Coaching/Leadership development.  Rob has recently completed his studies in the University of Texas graduate program in Executive Coaching.


In this episode, here’s what we cover:

Rob’s extensive professional journey in becoming an executive/professional coach

  • Rob’s leadership role at TexPTS and Evidence in Motion
  • The 4 Square Coaching Model in action
  • What is a professional coach and how would I know if I need a professional coach
  • How to select a professional coach

Resources we discuss:


What are your thoughts on professional coaches for therapists?