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kevin rippeyOne of the goals of this podcast and my blog  is to inspire you to follow your calling. I want to help you become the best therapist and person you are meant to be.   I am very impressed with your commitment and your abilities for leadership.  You are a very gifted group of people.  I’m humbled to be a part of such a great profession.    The focus of today’s episode is helping you to grow in your personal and professional leadership.

On this episode I interview Kevin Rippey PT who is the director of Rehab & Wellness at Mary Greeley Medical Center in Ames, Iowa.  Early on in his career Kevin became a manger of a hospital rehab clinic.  His natural strengths combined with his hospital’s leadership development allowed Kevin to grow and thrive as a leader.

He shares many principles that will help you lead your staff through these tumultuous times in healthcare.  He stresses the importance of ordering your private world before trying to manage your public world.  He describes his process as a manger of helping patients get better through his staff verses direct hands on care.

Kevin has been a director of physical therapy in a hospital and has many excellent and practical tools for making patients experiences personal and meaningful by training supervisors ,managers and staff to work together to create smooth running environment. Kevin also shares personal testimony how putting God first can help convey love and acceptance to all you come in contact with and make life have peace and deeper meaning.

During our interview Kevin shares how outstanding training in his own life has enabled him to share skills and develop interpersonal relationships that bring his staff to work together as a whole. He stresses that by doing this he is able to reach the patients through training his staff in a caring, well planned and thought out procedures that allow him to indirectly connect to clients even though he isn’t in direct contact with each one. His mantra is “every patient, every time.”

Kevin Rippey PT may be reached at:

In this episode, here’s what we cover:

  • How to select and train your staff
  • How to equip your staff for success
  • How to do ‘Customer Service Patient Rounds’
  •  The Studer Group with Quint Studer
  • The ‘Every Patient, Every Time’ call to action for managers
  • Tips on managing up your employees
  • The joy of serving patients with and through your team

In addition we also discuss:

  • How Kevin expresses his leadership in family, faith and community 
  • Servant Leadership
  • Prioritizing your private world to impact your public world