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On this episode we talk about the importance of time management and achieving a balance in your life as a physical therapist with work, home and others. My special guest is David Browder PT from Austin, Texas. He is an expert on sharing systems and very practical ideas that will make your life flow more smoothly and be better managed. David offers a wealth and knowledge in the arena of time management that produces more effective personal and business practices.

images-2David is a graduate of the United States Air Force Academy. He attended the Army Baylor School of Physical Therapy and served in the Air Force as a physical therapist for 10 years. After leaving the service he moved to Texas and took advantage of an opportunity to partner with some of his buddies at Texas Physical Therapy Specialists. David currently serves as the regional director and oversees the managers of the 10 Texas Physical Therapy Specialists clinics. He is also serves as the program director for Evidence in Motion’s Institute for Managerial Leadership and Executive Private Practice Management programs.

TM-Hacks-Box-Image-e1390947061339When it comes to wearing many hats and being organized using technology and time management skills David knows from experience. His passion to see others be successful and encouraged can be found through his blog and through his teaching. He offers very practical advice to other therapists through his Time Management Hacks for Physical Therapists as well as an eight week online management leadership course.

In this episode, here’s what we cover:

  • Find time management tools that streamline your work and life
  • Set healthy priorities and goals for yourself and others
  • Manage the tension between professional and personal life
  • Taming the whirlwind and the information flood
  • The secret mission of Evidence in Motion- Disruption
  • EIM’s new approach to PT residency programs

Resources we discuss: