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Ron Hruska

In this episode Ron Hruska’s enthusiasm will motivate you to build a solid practice foundation with the building blocks of passion, product and people. The oldest of 13 children  Ron shares that growing up in a small farm deeply influenced his ability to build a close knit community of therapists into a very successful international business.

Ron shares how his journey began in dentistry school as he followed his passion for learning and finding a meaningful niche for himself.  His career calling was  fueled by a desire to touch peoples life’s in a deep way. Ron offers very practical advice on  having a product or service that are high quality and something that you would pay for yourself.

Communication and community are vitally important and integral parts of building a successful business.   A multidisciplinary approach outside of just therapists provides a more balanced and creative team approach.

PRI 269

Ron is a graduate of the University of Nebraska School Medical Center, Division of Physical Therapy. He is the director of the Postural Restoration Institute and consults and practices at the Hruska Clinic, Restorative Physical Therapy Services and PRI Vision Clinic in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Ron has a deep interest in myokinematic and biochemical influences on postural and biomechanical adaption patterns. He lectures extensively and consults regularly with physicians, physical therapists, optometrists, dentists and other healthcare providers across the United States and internationally on patterned postural position and pathology and his approach of restoring symmetrical balance using PRI principles.

In this episode, here’s what we cover:

  • The importance to follow your passion and surrounding yourself with a balanced community
  • Develop a service and product that have very high quality and meaning
  • Start with a solid foundation and stay true to yourself
  • Strive to be humble, honest and have a great sense of humor

In addition we also discuss:

  • How family, faith and friends played a major role in Ron’s career path
  • Healthcare is changing and PT’s have a great opportunity to make a difference
  • People will pay for services and products that meet their needs