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Adriaan Louw, PT, PhD, CSMTThis episode features well known teacher and presenter Adrian Louw PhD, PT, CSMT in the opening address of the 2014 Spine and Pain Conference  hosted by International Spine and Pain Institute.

Adrian Louw captures the monumental importance for physical therapists to accept the role they have been prepared for and become leaders in the pain management crisis. Therapists hold a position and responsibility to their patients unlike any other calling for such a time as this! Become motivated and empowered by this stirring call to action!!

In this opening keynote address Adrian stresses the importance of physical therapists to:

  • Recognize their key role  in the worldwide pain management crisis

  • Realize no other profession is uniquely equipped to serve patients in terms of  time spent, cost effectiveness and  expertise in biology and exercise movement

  • Know the 4 main questions patients want to have answered during their first visit 

  • Understand and accept the challenge that it is all about the patient, not about them