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karen-litzy1-300x199On this episode of the Functional Freedom Podcast we talk about tapping into your creative self to start your own private physical therapy practice out of your home. My special guest is Karen Litzy is a physical therapist in New York City that provides her services as a private home health physical therapist or a personal trainer/wellness consultant.

Karen is the creator of an independent home based traveling physical therapy practice that goes to clients’ home or office. Karen is the owner of Karen Litzy Physical Therapy. She is also the host of Healthy, Wealthy and Smart podcast that educates and inspires her listeners to live a happy, healthy and pain free life.

During our interview Karen tells of her journey as a personal trainer in a New York City gym (after earning her physical therapy degree in 1997) to gradually starting her business of offering home base personal therapy and training over the course of 8 years. Now she travels full time using the public transit system to makes her visits.

Karen offers very practical advice for therapists who are considering going out on their own while keeping overhead low and being able to the provide the services they love outside a PT office. She is an excellent example of a therapist who has created a way to follow her heart for people by providing care in a very unique, unconventional way.

In this episode here is what we will cover:

  • How Karen gradually started her own company over the course of 8 years from a fulltime personal trainer
  • Tips on how to become an independent traveling PT provider that offers “care that comes home”
  • How Karen offers insight on the importance of cultivating a network of support from doctors and alternative sources such as trainers, massage therapists and satisfied customers  referrals
  • The significance of knowing your area of your community 
  • Developing and recognizing your core competencies and differential diagnoses strengths
  • The importance of having solid legal advice for issues concerning an independent practice.

Items mentioned in this episode include:


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