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Dr. Jeffery Life

On this episode of the Functional Freedom Podcast we talk about taking personal responsibility for achieving and maintaining optimum health in all aspects as we age. My special guest is Dr. Jeffry Life, a family practitioner, author and educator of patients, doctors, physical therapists and seniors on healthy aging.

Dr. Life is the author of recently released  The Life Plan Diet and creator of the Life Club, an online fitness membership site for healthy aging. He advocates a blend of exercise, nutrition, hormones and holistic medicine to have optimum health as we age.

11862399 During our interview Dr. Life tells of his journey beginning at the age of 59 when he started his own personal transformation. He was out of shape, pre-diabetic and a candidate for heart disease. After being challenged to get in shape he started his personal trek to get healthy.

By exercising, eating nutritionally, getting hormone levels tested and therapy in place, he turned body fat into muscle mass and a six-pack! He is an inspiration to everyone on aging but not getting old and to getting healthy and maintaining vitality, muscle mass, flexibility and leading a full productive life.  Dr. Life’s practice is all about prevention and a holistic approach to medicine.

In 2014 the last of the Baby Boomers in the US will have reached age 50.  The first wave of the Boomers have reached age 65.  One out of 2 people in the US will be 50+ by 2017.

This tremendous shift in demographics has created an opportunity for physical therapists to offer services directly to baby boomers.  One sub-niche in this demographic that I think is flying under the radar is men’s health in the 50+ group.  It is a highly underserved group that is yearning for service professionals to help them.  Therapists that understand older men’s issues and dreams will be seen as a expert among a ever expanded audience willing to pay for their expertise.

It was with this practice opportunity for therapists in mind that I contacted Dr. Life a medical expert who is providing a life transformation medical services to baby boomers.

In this episode, here’s what we cover:

  • How Dr. Life started his journey to get healthy and how it changed his life and his medical practice
  • How important a plan is to healthy aging in order to have optimum flexibility, vitality, and good health
  • How Dr. Life’s medical practice has turned into a pay cash out-of-pocket business rather than dependent of insurance companies
  • How Dr. Life’s plan entails a blend of nutrition, fitness, hormone therapy and prevention as a basis for a fuller life in aging

 Resources mentioned in this episode:

I want to thank Dr. Jeffry Life for sharing his personal and professional journey.  My conversation with Dr. Life may challenge your beliefs about age management and what it means to grow older.

Many of our patients want to live a long life but few want to get old.    As Dr. Life puts it, the question is never “if” you are going to age…but rather “how” you are going to do it.  Therapists  are uniquely qualified and professionally positioned to help our clients on their journey of healthy aging.

If you have a question for Dr. Life  you can leave it in the comment section below or you can contact Dr. Life at drlife.com to find more about his services and resources .

In what ways can physical therapists incorporate healthy age management into their practice?