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mug shot croppedIn this episode of the Functional Freedom Podcast I have the pleasure of interviewing therapist Jason Ward of MidSouth Orthopaedic Rehab in Germantown, Tennesse.  Jason is a co-owner of a prviate practice clinic and a rising star in the physical therapy podcast world.

He launched his podcast Mechanical Care Forum in March of 2014.  Jason shares his desire to provide relevant and easily accessible content on Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy commonly know as the McKenzie Method through his podcast.

Jason and his partner David Grigsby own their own private practice clinic and are trying to do things the right way.  They are white hat kind of guys treating patients with high standards of care.  They are applying evidenced based medicine on a daily basis.  On top of that they are documenting their value and cost effectiveness through functional outcomes data.

Jason and I discuss how he and David began their own clinic in 2007 with a strong MDT emphasis. We talk about their struggles with economy tanking in 2008, physician owned PT clinics and maintaining a work-family balance.  We finish up the interview with his vision for his podcast.  His story will inspire any therapist that has a yearning to create their own podcast or be in business for themselves.

In this episode, here’s what we cover:

  • Jason’s private practice startup and surviving the great recession of 2008
  • The pros and cons of a branding a practice with a focused niche
  • His experience of using the FOTO tool to collect patient outcomes
  • Strategies to place your services outside third party payer systems
  • Jason’s experience in starting up the Mechanical Care Forum Podcast

Resources mentioned in the episode include: 

I want to thank Jason Ward of MidSouth Orthopaedic Rehab and the Mechanical Care Forum for sharing his passion for the Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy approach.  I truly admire his commitment to taking care of patients the right way for the right reason.

If you haven’t come across Jason’s podcast yet I encourage to go to iTunes and search for the podcast Mechanical Care Forum.

Or you can just go to his website www.MechanicalCareForum.com and check out a couple of episodes there.

What practice niche would you build or have you built your practice on?