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Ben Musholt

In this episode of the Functional Freedom Podcast I have a conversation with Ben Musholt of Beyond the Clinic in Portland, Oregon.  In 2009 Ben and his partners made the leap to entrepreneurship by offering an outpatient physical therapy house calls service.   Home based physical therapy is a niche practice concept that is gaining traction throughout the country.  It has promise for therapists that want to go into business for themselves without signficant start up costs.

Ben and I discuss the start up story of their business and how he and his friends discovered and developed their niche practice among older adults in the Portland area.  We discuss their recent expansion into home care for the pediatric population with PTs, OTs and speech and language pathologists all providing services.

We talk about the ins and outs and pros and cons  of running an outpatient practice that is beyond the clinic walls in patient’s homes, at the office, or gym.  Ben shares how he and his partners share the administrative work load and how they get a steady stream of referrals.

We finish the conversation talking about his experience of publishing Mad Skills, his exercise book consisting of a huge library of unique exercise movements.  Ben gives wanna be authors a few tips on obtaining funding with his Kick Starter campaign and his experience of self-publishing his book on Amazon.

In this episode, here’s what we cover:

  • Ben’s strategy for starting up and growing a house calls PT practice
  • The pros and cons of a decentralized practice
  • Building word of mouth marketing with satisfied clients
  • Beyond the Clinic’s expansion into home based pediatric services
  • How to perform home based therapy utilizing Medicare Part B
  • Onsite PT consultation at a manufacturing company

Resources mentioned in the episode include: 

I want to thank Ben Musholt of Beyond the Clinic for sharing his PT house calls practice model with us.  I believe Ben and his partners have developed an excellent outpatient practice model that may give you a competitive edge in your local market.  I look forward to them publishing their how to manual or course on how to set up a house calls practice.

If you have a question for Ben you can leave it in the comment section below or you can contact Ben at ben@beyondtheclinic.com to find more about his business or his book Mad Skills.

What are your thoughts about house calls for physical therapists?