Jerry DurhamIn this episode of the Functional Freedom Podcast I interview Jerry Durham from San Francisco Sport and Spine Physical Therapy.  We discuss  how to build your PT brand with Twitter and how to convert phone calls to new patients.

Jerry and I discuss the how social media is just one spoke in his clinic’s marketing wheel.  We cover the essential elements of an interactive website and his strong beliefs on managing the first contact potential patients make with your clinic.

Jerry has spent a lot of focus and staff training to put their customers in touch with the most qualified therapist to help them from day one.  This personalized care extends all the way through their care till and even after discharge.  They have a scheduling coordinator on staff, highly trained in customer service, the company’s mission and insurance reimbursement to convert consumer interest into satisfied patients.

I believe you will find Jerry’s approach to excellent customer service from that first point of contact  extremely helpful.

In this episode, here’s what we cover:

  • Jerry’s strategy for connecting with PT experts and colleagues on Twitter
  • Using Twitter’s search function for engagement and current PT news
  • Building brand awareness through social media
  • Two essential branding elements for PTs for every website home page
  • How your core values should drive your marketing efforts
  • How to train your phone scheduler to convert phone calls to patient appointments
  • What is a good strategy for converting out of network shoppers into patients?
  • Maximizing personal contact for highter patient and staff satisfaction

Resources mentioned in the episode include: 

I want to thank Jerry Durham from San Francisco Sport and Spine for sharing his social media strategy along with his passion for evidenced based business that leads to creating value for our patients and the physical therapy profession.

If you have a question for Jerry you can leave it in the comment section below or you can contact Jerry directly at To find out more about the San Francisco Sport and Spine Physical Therapy go to their website San Francisco Sport & Spine  or to contact him to be a speaker for your next physical therapy meeting.   If you want to follow him on Twitter his address is @Jerry_DurhamPT.

In what ways have you use Twitter to build your PT brand?