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Carl-600pxOn this episode of the Functional Freedom Podcast I interview Carl Mattiola an online entrepreneur who has created a business metrics software program for therapists.   We talk about using your skills to listen to your market, meeting their needs and creating a solution that really helps them.  His process for building software solutions is so much like what you do everyday as a physical therapist for your patients.

I know a few of you have an idea floating around in your brain that you believe would really help patients or other therapist.  But I venture to guess that most of you don’t know how to turn that idea into a solution and bring it to market.

That is why I wanted to bring Carl on the show to share his story of how he worked with rock star PTs to create a software solution to help them in their practices.  Carl openly shares the process he went through from start to finish and he describes his software that helps therapists grow and manage their business.

logo 2 revised 2I first heard Carl on Pat Flynn’s excellent podcast Smart Passive income where Carl shared how he quit his corporate job to start his online business and exactly how he felt along the way.  I thought some of you listeners who are rising entrepreneurs would benefit from hearing how Carl overcame his roadblocks and achieved his breakthrough.

In this episode, here’s what we cover:

  • Carl’s journey from working at Tesla to software entrepreneur
  • Building something for your patients that really matters
  • How to listen to your markets pain, problems and desires
  • How your market determines the product you make
  • How you narrow your options for your product
  • Find the people who are already doing it and make it easier for them
  • What is ClinicMetrics and how it might help your business?
  • The cost of developing a software solution for a PT problem
  • The importance of Evidence Based Business

Resources mentioned in the episode include: 


What clinic metrics do you find the most helpful when managing your practice?