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David-Straight-PT-E-rehab-comOn this episode of the Funcitonal Freedom Podcast I interview David Straight from E-Rehab on how to create a robust  online presence to market  your brand.  David shares his passion for helping therapists to have a plan to manage and market their online reputation.

He encourages his clients to cultivate  a five star reputation with their staff and then use the medium of the internet to communicate their unique value to physicians and potential clients. We discuss the importance of begininng with an interactive website that is freqently updated and mobile friendly.   David provides sound advice on designing a comprehensive marketing plan and the steps you should take to put it into action first.

E-rehab-LogoDavid outlines his recommendations  on e-mail newsletters, search engine optimization and social media for physical therapists in private practice. He also provides you his preferences on maximizing your social Facebook and Twitter influence and his personal automation strategies to decrease the amount of time you spend on social media.

In this episode this is what we cover:

  • The importance of having a great interactive website for your practice
  • The importance of establishing your marketing plan and budget
  • How David and his partners overcame losing 50% of their business to POPT clinics
  • Discover which marketing tool is your best return on your investment
  • Using Google Ads to reach prospective patients online
  • Implementing an online reputation marketing strategy
  • Patient retention through social media connection

Here are the resources mentioned in this episode:


What online marketing strategies have you used to effectively market your practice?