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Bob and I discuss the urgency of therapists being involved in the selection of therapy specific  data measurements that will eventually be included in patients Electronic Health Records (EHR).

We discuss how this data will be shared across several health organizations via a Continuity of Care Document to guide meaningful use of health care expenditures.  Patient improvement and reimbursement determinations for rehabilitation will eventually be analyzed according to this document.

If this is sounding a little bit technical for you Bob and I really focus in on preserving the patient-therapist “face time” through the use of technology.  I think you will really appreciate Bob’s thoughtful call to action and his motives to preserve the essence of physical therapy, caring for patients.

I also believe you will grow to appreciate the work that individual therapists are doing on the behalf of therapists everywhere.  He is representing the physical therapy profession while he interacts representatives from more than 20 of the largest post-acute software vendors in the US market.

In this episode,  here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Implications of the Accountable Care Act meaningful use regulation on your therapy practice

  • The importance of technology transparency between you and your therapy patientss

  • Implications of EHR share-ability on your practice

  • Implications of the Continuity of Care Document of your documentation system

  • The urgency of therapists having input into the software development of therapy specific data setsy 

  • A look into the future on what factors might determine value in rehabilitation services

Items mentioned in this episode include:

  • National Association for Support to Long Term Care, contact Donna Doneski 202-803-2385

  • American Health Care Association contact IT Committee 


Question:  What issues have you faced when transitioning from a paper chart to an Electronic Medical Record?