Joshua Cohen PT, MS

On this episode of the Functional Freedom Podcast, we talk about capitalizing on your creativity to start the business you love.  My special guest is Joshua Cohen entrepreneur, physical therapist and designer.

During our interview Joshua tells of his journey through corporate physical therapy to earning his masters degree in biomechanics, when he designed and manufactured a bicycle saddle, starting his own in home outpatient therapy company, and finally creating his own EMR software program.

 Joshua offers very practical advice for therapists who are considering going out on their own and want to maintain their passion for pursuing the things that they love to do.  He is an excellent example of a therapist-businessman who has never lost his curiosity for learning or creating products and services that help people.
 Joshua is the co-creator of an online PT EMR program.  He is also Owner of Mobile Rehab a home health PT service provider in North Carolina. And if that is not enough, he is co-founder and designer of Kontact Bicycle Components, to feed his passion for bicycling and designing products.
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 In this episode,  here’s what we’ll cover:

  • How Joshua started his own business  while working full time

  • Essential components for  building your business

  • How Joshua saw a need for a software product and created a company to meet that need

  • How to avoid running out of money while you pursue your dream

  • Joshua shares his secret of starting a business with minimal start up costs,  In Home Outpatient Physical Therapy 

  • Joshua’s vision for a movement of independent therapists providing care to older adults in their communities

Items mentioned in this episode include:

Question:  Does the thought of creating your own product appeal to you?  Share your idea for your dream product.