Dr. Larry BenzOn this episode of the Functional Freedom Podcast we talk all about the Called to Care Course that will be offered this January by Evidence in Motion. This episode will help you if you are struggling to find time to focus on empathy and caring for your patients. Lost focus because of feeling overloaded and preoccupied with the increase in documentation and regulatory requirements. It will help you to actually connect with your patients and make a positive and emotional connection.

My special guest is Dr. Larry Benz, the 2012 Robert G. Dicus award winner for his outstanding contributions to the American Physical Therapy Association. Dr. Benz is the recipient of numerous business and physical therapy awards and is a frequent lecturer at PT programs, national conferences, and MBA programs. He is a primary partner in several business and philanthropic ventures. Presently, Dr. Benz is the President/CO of PT Development and partner in Evidence in Motion.

Larry is a man of many talents and many interests of which we could talk about for several episodes. But in today’s episode we focus on a major area interest for Dr. Benz, the Called to Care Course. I wanted to create this episode at this specific time because on January 20th EIM will be starting a new Called to Care course with interactive coursework and webinars. The Called to Care Course focuses on the non-clinical factors that impact successful clinical outcomes. The self-paced online course is designed to train a new generation of therapists to bring humanity back to healthcare.

Called to Care

In this episode, here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Evidence correlating better clinical outcomes with empathy, compassion, and high-quality connections
  • Helping you find renewed purpose, meaning, and calling as a therapist
  • Replace “cookbook” therapy practice with care, compassion and empathy
  • Help in engaging and implementing Larry’s three value propositions for improved clinical outcomes
  • Simple steps you can take to set positive expectations with your patients
  • The impact of your professional identity as a servant not a fixer or helper on yourself and your patients
  • And so much more!

Items of interest mentioned in this episode include:


Question: Do you remember the last time you really connected with a patient and made a difference in their life? What factors made the difference?