On this episode of the Functional Freedom Podcast, my guest is  my good friend and former physical therapy schoolmate- Dr. Pat Hageman.

Dr. Pat Hageman

Dr. Hageman, served as the director of University of Nebraska Medical Center Physical Therapy School for nearly 20 years before transitioning into her research and primary teaching area of practice management skill development. For those of you who might be considering a teaching career at a PT school, Pat provides insights into the  medical university academic life.  

During the interview Pat shares her personal journey of how she overcame a serious spinal injury from the perspective of  a patient and a therapist.  You don’t want to miss it!.  It is very inspiring to hear how she prevailed over  challenges such as isolation and  loss of control as she went through nine months of rehab to finally return  as the director of the UNMC PT school.  

Dr. Hageman is presently busy with conducting her research on community wellness programs for women.  Community wellness health promotion programs are an excellent way to serve your community.  Health promotion events help you get out of the clinic and  in front of the public.  They are great opportunities to demonstrate your value while you promote your personal brand and gain some clients.

Community Wellness

We provide you examples of how you might partner with other health professionals in the community.   We also share practical steps that PTs  to grow their practices by offering health promotion programs.

 In this episode, we cover:

  • The importance of continuity of care and interprofessional teamwork
  • How Pat overcame a  life threatening spinal injury 
  • The life lessons and new professional insights Pat learned while being a rehab patient
  • A community based health promotion program for rural women  
  • The utilization of a physical therapy clinic as a wellness center  in small communities
  • And so much more!!

 Items mentioned in this episode:

A big thank you to Pat  for sharing her story and insights with us!

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Question:  What health promotion program has worked for you to market your  brand?