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What does an entrepreneur do when he is told he has cancer and maybe a year to live?

He starts a new business of course.  That is what I did 18 years ago when I started a niche practice in a small community 40 miles away from where I live.

I was 40 years old when I was diagnosed with a stage three malignant melanoma.  Not very good news to a sole proprietor with a wife and four young children.  I received treatment and was told to get my house in order.  I closed down my business and spent time with my family.  I focused on my priorities of faith and building my immune system.  The months went by while I fought off anxiety attacks and depression.  Eventually I told myself that I wasn’t dead yet and I had to provide for my family.

I went to work.

I had become good friends with some Christian physicians during physical therapy school.  They were 40 miles away but it was a low risk way to make a living.    Investing a few thousand dollars to remodel a couple of rooms in their clinic basement.  I began seeing patients a few days a week with their support and referrals from a few orthopedic surgeons.  Slowly the days, weeks and months went by and the practice grew.  I was still alive and trying to live each day as if it was my last.

After 5 years of being cancer free and a growing practice I moved into a new larger space, hired staff and never looked back.  LifeTouch Physical Therapy, was my professional home base and is the practice I recently sold to pursue my calling for the next stage of my professional career.

After 30 years of running my own therapy practice I’ve turned the page to begin a new chapter.  I will no longer own a practice where I care for patients and daily manage a small business.  My last days in the clinic will be December 2014.  My wife and I are very thankful that we’ve sold it to group of therapists with similar values and vision.  I know that our patients are in good hands.

To leave a viable practice was one of the most difficult challenges of my life.

I still love being a physical therapist.  I still believe that now is a great time for therapists to own their own businesses.  I’m going pro with my online business of helping therapists build their own successful practice while doing the work they love.  In one sense I will still be helping patients but it will be through the therapists I serve and mentor.

Called to Serve 

I feel called to provide inspiration, teaching and resources to help therapists like you escape corporate therapy to pursue their dream practice.  I invite you to be a part of the worldwide movement of healthcare practioners that are bypassing middle men.   Forward thinking entrepreneurs are going directly to the consumers with services that meet their clients needs and are paid well for it.  

It is my goal to help you fill your schedule with ideal patients while you work towards professional and financial freedom.  Most therapists are not taught the business side of heathcare in therapy school.   My focus will be to sift through the useful information on building a successful practice, condense it and share it.  I want  to help you be more effective and happier with your calling.  I’ll create new content for you through blog posts, ebooks and online courses to be as successful in business as you are with your patients.   

In the weeks ahead I will gradually outline what that looks by the way of email, blogposts and podcast episodes.  I’ll share my battle tested resources to help you do your job easier and quicker.  I’m excited to help you make an impact in the lives of your patients, your profession and the world.

Let’s do this!


I appreciate all of you,




PS-  I really want to create content that helps you in the trenches.  Please email me at your answer to:

What do you want to know more about building a successful therapy practice? 

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2 thoughts on “Starting A New Chapter- Paul Potter PT[FF35]

  1. Dear Paul,

    I work in pediatric practice and wondered if you had any plans for iPad applications that might work in my field? I work in Hong Kong and so don’t really use the codes etc but really like your funtional assessment stuff. Mostly aimed at elderly though so would love to utilise something for the pediatric population.

    Best Regards,
    Bianca Brown

    • Bianca,
      Great to hear from you. No immediate plans to add pediatric functional tests. However, I have plans to interview Kim Lephart PT who operates a school based and outpatient peds practice. I have a close relationship with Scott Harmon OT of Start a Therapy Practice and Website so you might email him to see what he uses. Thanks for the feedback and suggestion.


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