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 Academy of Private Practice


For those of you just starting a traditional private practice, Scott’s membership website provides all the training and support you need.

Once you sign up for your lifetime access you’ll get Scott’s outstanding private practice video course, downloadable clinic forms and his favorite practice resources and recommendations.

Just as important as the step-by-step guidance on starting and running a profitable private practice is an ongoing support system. The monthly masterminds, Facebook group, and the community forums allow you to interact with other therapists and get answers to your questions.

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Academy Of Private Practice

I am offering the DIY version of my Cash Practice From Scratch course free to therapists that sign up for Scott’s membership website. The Cash Practice From Scratch course will guide you step-by-step through the process of validating your practice ideas, building your launch team, setting up your website and business systems, and seeing your first paying client.

Sign up for the Academy of Private Practice and you’ll get the $497 Cash Practice From Scratch DIY course FREE.

McDonaldization of Physical Therapy

How To Overcome "Happy Meal" Healthcare

The McDonaldization of Physical Therapy

The McDonaldization of Physical Therapy

Do you ever feel like you’re expected to deliver patient outcomes like a McDonald’s drive-through?

The next time you’re at a fast-food restaurant and you’re thinking about ordering a “value meal” think twice whether it’s really a good deal or not. 

Value meals are commonly used by fast-food restaurants to facilitate bundling, up-selling, and grouping items together at a lower price. As the healthcare industry moves toward value-based care, bundled payments are a popular pricing model for sharing risk and accountability.

Are bundled payments healthcare’s version of a “Happy Meal”?

Perhaps it’s just me becoming a grumpy old man, but it seems I’m frequently expected to dish out low cost, convenient, ‘fast food’ physical therapy.

You probably know what kind of care I’m talking about. The quick and easy recipe-driven therapy that provides immediate gratification. It fills you up (and your schedule) with empty calories but leaves both you and your patients needing something more substantial.

The fast-food business model has forced its way into mainstream America in all parts of our economy including physical therapy. This phenomenon been researched and analyzed. The term McDonaldization has come define its cultural influence on society.

We are going to take a closer look at the McDonalization of physical therapy and ways you might avoid the downside of its dehumanizing effects.

Cash Practice From Scratch Interview With Karen Litzy PT

Healthy, Wealthy and Smart Podcast

Today I’d like to share an interview about starting a cash practice with Karen Litzy for her podcast Healthy, Wealthy and Smart. Karen and I had a lively conversation about starting and growing a therapy practice in today’s ever changing healthcare ecosytem. We cover a variety of issues that private practice owners face when wanting to go into business for themselves.

We delve into the 6 essential steps that I believe every therapist should take if they want to launch their own pratice with the least amount of risk and money. We discuss my new Cash Practice From Scratch Course that’s launching on January 3rd, 2017 for therapists who want to start a private practice.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How to build an entrepreneur mindset and achieve professional freedom
  • How to align your strengths with your ideal client base
  • Why crafting a memorable patient experience will boost your practice and ultimately the profession
  • The six essential steps therapists should take to launch a successful practice

-And so much more!

Are You Ready To Start A Cash Practice?

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… having a practice that provides you professional and personal freedom while doing the work you love. Visualize a cash practice that isn’t dependent on physician referrals or insurance companies.

Can you picture yourself in a practice with less patients and paperwork enabling you to make a bigger impact in the lives of your patients?

Innovative therapists from all over the world are using alternative business models to deliver high-value care their clients so desperately need. Cash-based therapy practices have emerged as a viable alternative to more work for less pay.

Making A Lasting Impact–John Childs PT [ff#73]

The Power of Mentorship

john childs pt

Can one person really make a difference?

Muhammad Ali was widely known as ‘The Greatest’. He’ll be remembered as one of the most significant and influential sport figures of the 20th century. Ali had an impact on millions of people throughout the world. His death caused me to reflect on his inspiring and somewhat controversial legacy.

How much difference can one person make out of 7 billion people on planet earth?

How about one therapist in the midst of the 200,000 licensed therapists in the United States?

If we focus solely on the numbers and professional accomplishments then individuals can become unimportant. Despite his greatness Ali never forgot the importance of connecting with people one on one. I know it’s important to capitalize on the strength in our PT numbers but we must not lose the worth of every individual therapist.

Do you want to make your life count for something? Do you want your career to consist of more than going to work, seeing patients and making a living?

The desire for making an impact and leaving a legacy is hard wired in most of us.


How To Thrive in the New Healthcare Economy


chad madden interview

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What would you do if you lost your top referral source for the 3RD TIME because of a POPTS practice?

In 2010, Chad Madden PT experienced two therapists leave his private practice to open up their own practice. He had just lost $98,000 in one quarter in his business. He was, in his own words, feeling sorry for himself and playing the victim.

Instead of looking for solutions he was wallowing in his problems.

Then things changed for the better.

Chad went from being a PT victim to a PT allstar by following some very simple steps that he is going to share with us today. 

Grow A Business Without Sacrificing Your Family [ff72]

Sarah Lyon of OT Potential


sarah lyons intreview-4

Do you ever feel like you’re not living up to your potential? Are you a therapist and a mom who is committed to both your profession and your family? I believe there thousands of therapists who are eager to ditch their full time jobs at the hospital or outpatient clinic but are unable or unwilling to step away from the income.

Therapists have spent a significant amount of their adult life preparing for their profession not to mentioned thousands of dollars. When therapists begin a family there is often a struggle to make ends meet while trying to balance work and family. Many are looking for alternative career options for a solution. In episode #53  I interviewed pediatric occupational therapist Rachel Coley about writing books and selling products from home.

My guest today, Sarah Lyon, is also an occupational therapist who set out to create her own solution. Sarah started her blog six years ago out of her own need to connect with other OTs and get support as a new graduate. Her blog evolved into her own online business, OT, which has almost replaced her income working part time.


jason treu

Too many therapists believe that if they just improve their clinical knowledge and skills they’ll be recognized based upon the merits of their work. Their thinking goes something like this, if

I work really hard and patients get better the rest will take care of itself. They think that their professional reputation and practice will grow as patients improve and begin telling their physicians and friends. Once they become good enough their professional career will take off and they’ll be in high demand.But that’s simply not reality anymore.

Whether you want to be happier at your present job, make a job change or take the leap into private practice you have to  to make a name for yourself. To achieve success in today’s competitive market, it’s almost certain that you’ll need to develop your professional brand.

We live in a busy world where it is becoming increasingly difficult to stand out from all the other practioners in the healthcare industry. Whether it’s developing an expert niche or attracting your ideal clients having a clear professional brand is vital.

You don’t have to be a genius or a worldwide therapy guru to make an impact. Applying simple branding principles based upon cultivating relationships within your inner circle.

Yoga Cash Therapy Startup -Christine Walker DPT[ff69]

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Christine Walker DPT

Does this sound like you?

Your interest in physical therapy started when you were young after you were injured as an athlete. You are working hard in your job but feel like your patients aren’t getting the care they deserve.

You’ve this nagging feeling deep in your gut that something is wrong with today’s healthcare system. There is too much emphasis on productivity and not really enough attention paid to people getting better.

You like the people you work with but you’ve always had this desire to be your own boss in the back of your mind. You’re wondering if there is a way to work full time or part time at your day job while doing your own thing on the side.

If this sounds a little bit like you then you’re not alone.  Today’s guest, Christine Walker might share part of your story. Just three years after graduating from PT school Christine started her own cash therapy practice.

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10 Tips to be a yoga therapist