Are You Ready to Be a Therapy Rock Star?

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Are you ready to step on stage and be a therapy rock star? In the near future, some form of pay-for-performance will be required for therapists to reign in runaway healthcare costs. This trend in reimbursement should cause you to rethink how you will be paid in the days ahead.  I found this article by Brooke Adrus very helpful in clarifying where, as I like to call it, no performance-no pay stands today.

Originally posted by Brooke Andrus at WebPT blog.

For decades, healthcare leaders have searched for a way to balance the interests of providers, patients, and payers. The pay-for-performance paradigm has emerged as a front-runner in the race to drive down healthcare costs while simultaneously raising the quality of care and increasing patient satisfaction. But what, exactly, does this buzz term mean?



This week I’m at  the Rogue Ministry men’s retreat in the Colorado mountains. I will be unplugged and seeking divine direction for the second half of my life. In my absence I would like to share this insightful post How to Defeat the Terrible Tyranny of Tiny Tasks by Michael Hyatt.

My wife, Gail, recently purchased a DVD set of The Jetsons.Remember that? The cartoon imagined what life would be like in the future: robots, flying cars, and other conveniences—like minimal work hours. But it hasn’t panned out like that, has it?

Believe it or not, since the 1930s economists and others predicted a future where workers had loads of free time. And while work hours have gone down for some, despite what we know about overworking, many of us regularly put in fifty hours a week or more. Professionals with mobile devices clock more than seventy.

Put Your Passion into Practice- Michael Silwinski Nozbe [39]

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Michael Sliwinski Nozbe Founder

Are you off to a good start on your goals for the year?  Do you have difficulty sorting out the best from the rest?  Do you feel like you never get around to doing the tasks that are really important for you?

I’d like to do whatever I can to help you live out your dreams and achieve your goals in life.  With that in mind I’d like to introduce this episode’s guest, Michael Sliwinski.  Michael is the creator of the well- known Nozebe task management web application, used by many leaders who are really productive yet balanced. I absolutely love it!  Nozbe and David Allen’s book Getting Things Done have taken my time management approach in a whole new direction.